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Orbital Theme the best SEO 2018 Template for WordPress

Your Website deserves a Theme optimized for Google at a good price.



Your WordPress template can be TOXIC for your Web!

When you start a web project, the first thing that interests you is having your website among the top positions of Google. For this complicated mission we have many enemies, from the competition itself that also wants to be among the first ones without even knowing that your own website is your own enemy.
When creating your web project, the most used in the world is WordPress, this platform can be installed themes or «Themes» which makes your WordPress change appearance, what most people do not know is that according to a study conducted by the great SEO Romuald Fons, the vast majority of templates designed for fourth three are toxic.



The traditional templates are passed on the aesthetic side since we always try to create visually attractive sites and that leads to an overload of internal code as well as an overweight of graphic material. The load of the entire web page has to be super fast so that Google you position between the first pages because if you are not on the first page is as if you did not exist because I have not yet seen anyone who gives the second Google page if it is not to study the competition.


I present the theme Orbital Theme®


Features Orbital Tempe for WordPress:

The first wordpress theme created, designed and optimized for:

  • Improve the rankings of your website in search engines and increase organic traffic.
  • Increase the retention time and internal navigation of your website thanks to the «Orbital» menu.
  • Monetize your website easily, and shoot conversions and sales thanks to the integration of Adsense.
  • Designed to perform the load as fast as possible thanks to a debugged code.
  • Integration of basic finishes to avoid having to install third-party plugins such as inserting tracking codes, sharing on social networks or integrating the new RGPD 2018 Data Protection Law.




Orbital Theme® designed for mobile


Menú Orbital theme

100% Mobile Friendly, that is to say that the Orbital theme, adapts perfectly to all kinds of devices whether desktop computers, tablets or all kinds of mobile phones.
After several studies on the position of the hands when viewing a web page on a mobile device, that the right people to take the mobile phone with the right hand And surf the Internet from your mobile device, it was found that the Ideal place to put a menu button is on the lower right side. Thanks to the Romuald Fons template, Orbital Theme, the menu is a floating circle that always remains on screen and from there you can access all parts of the web.
The Orbital Menu, is the first menu for mobile devices designed by the team of Romuald Fons and this incredible invention provides us with the following features;

  • Orbital® menu is an evolution to better traditional menus, which are an inefficient waste of desktop versions.
  • The menu button is strategically located at the bottom right of the mobile screen, within arm’s reach.
  • It facilitates internal navigation, improving the user experience and keeping the user on our website.
  • 33% more clicks are made on the Orbital® Menu.




I TEACH YOU TO USE Orbital Theme®


Finally, it’s time to use the template !. I’ll teach you how to use it or at least open the doors to the wonders that can be done with the WordPress Orbital template. Thanks to the good optimization of the template And the possibility of including «clusters» or images that in the zone pages in the style of giant buttons, we can make designs that are also very practical. Look at the video that he told you next to see what this WordPress template is capable of doing.



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Who is Romuald Fons?

Romuald Fons is the «Midas» of this generation, in my opinion everything he touches turns him into gold. According to himself, since years ago he was ruined several times with projects on the Internet, he was able to start positioning his projects on the Internet. And he realized that the trick of making money on the Internet really begins because your website is one of the first And it is visible to everyone.

Romuald discovered that more than a nice site you need a site that positions on the first page of Google. When the competition saw that the sites created by Romuald Fons were always among the first, the competition itself proposed to pay to position their own websites, so Romuald Fons discovered that apart from making money with their own sites could position other customers with which soon seriously overflowed And had to create an SEO agency called BigSEO «. Romuald Fons did not stop there, but continued experimenting on different platforms such as YouTube.
It was on YouTube that I teach how to position your web pages and started creating your SEO course where I call all your followers (including me) «Furious of Marketing». In his YouTube channel he taught us «Furious», to create an account from scratch and position it but soon discovered that all the templates that are in the market for were three did not give the quality he needed to quickly position a website AND that is in the top positions of Google.
Romuald Fons met his team and told them that he needed a theme totally adapted to their needs thanks to his great experience in the sector he was telling them what he wanted in that WordPress theme. This is how the «ORBITAL THEME» was born.


Final conclusion:

The Orbital theme is designed to be positioned as soon as possible among the top positions of the search engines, thanks to its clean code and its speed of loading, granting the degree of essential subject that any amater or expert would be happy to have in their favor . Undoubtedly, it is the theme with which this same page is created and many more that are designed for monetization and Affiliation niches.
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